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Roof Types

Spann Roofing supports all roofing needs - both installation and repair of the following roof types.

Built-Up Roof (BUR)

A built-up roof (BUR) consists of multiple roof felts laminated together with bitumen or adhesive.  This type of roof is ideal for flat or low sloped roofs.  BUR systems have low flexibility and are only appropriate on roof decks with minimal movement or where appropriate expansion joints are provided.  The typical lifespan is 10-20 years, depending on weather conditions, foot traffic, and materials used.  BUR systems require periodic maintenance to maximize their service life.

Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen roofing is an asphalt-based system for low-slope roofs. Although it is related to Built-up Roofing, Modified Bitumen has increased resistance to brittleness at cold temperatures and greater flow resistance at high temperatures. Increased elasticity is achieved by blending synthetic rubberized polymers with asphalt in lieu of modification by the blowing process. This product is available in designer colors to match asphalt shingles. 

Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are liquid applied, fully adhered "rubber-like" protective membrane systems.  Coating an older roof with a white or light-colored protective system can reduce energy costs by reflecting the sun's heat.  This also reduces thermal shock and helps prolong the life of your roof. 


Most roofs in North America use asphalt shingles as the roofing material of choice.  Shingles can be purchased in a variety of colors and coatings.  The benefits of shingle roofs include cost, low maintenance, weather resilience, and easy installation.  However, the life of asphalt shingles is the lowest of all roofing materials. 

The NRCA recommends use of shingles that comply with American Society for testing and Materials (ASTM) standards:  ASTM D 225 for organic shingles and ASTM D 3462 for fiberglass shingles.  Not all asphalt shingles on the market comply with these standards; it is typically noted on the manufacturer's product literature and on the package wrapper. 

Single Ply Roofs

Single Ply roofs are another flat-roof solution that uses rubber or plastic membranes.  Single ply roofing systems offer the advantages of rapid installation and light-weight construction.  These systems provide high puncture and tear resistance, excellent dimensional stability and high tensile strength.  They affect suburb resistance to ozone and UV exposure, extreme weather conditions, chemicals, and fire.  During installation, no heavy equipment is required. 


Slate is often the roof of choice when longevity is especially important.  It is aesthetically pleasing and especially durable.  Properly installed, slate roofs require little maintenance and will last 60 to 125 years depending on the type of slate employed, roof configuration and the geographical location of the property.  Slate is usually more expensive than other roofing types. 

Standing Seam Metal

Metal roofs typically last the lifetime of the house itself.  Metal is resistant to fire (Class A rating), mildew, insects, and rot, and now come in reflective colors that meet the Energy Star ratings.  The standing seam metal roof is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in roofing technology in the last 25 years.  Standing seam metal roofs are light and come in a variety of colors.  It's durability, easy installation, and simple maintenance is why it is used in around 50% of all low-rise commercial and industrial buildings erected in the last several years.